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  2. No pictures -- for Florin I made a spiral pulley from 3 large penny washers & fitted that to the existing throttle body -- then was able to pull the cable inner from the bottom instead of the top -- which reversed the direction of pull -- my throttle cable is only about 15" long instead of the 36" needed to go over & back as yours does. (Spiral centre groove for slow opening getting more rapid the more the pedal is depressed.)
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  4. Looks like you've got a solid car there. I remember those axles becoming popular in the 80's for hot rods. Nick
  5. I've used Tayna to replace my old sierra battery, the square terminals are getting scarce and they had them on Ebay at a good price with decent warranty. Best bit, there was an additional discount code to use in the Ebay advert. Came within a day or two for less than 40quid.
  6. Thanks for that, I'll have a fiddle.....Could I ask other members if they could post piccies of their linkages...Seriously any piccies of carb or throttle body cable arrangements would be triffic..... It may just spark the old brain box into life
  7. Well I suppose it is about time I show you all what is replacing the Robin Hood, so here it is, the first video in a project car series. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I'll change the topic title to something more meaningful in a few days so those who are interested dont have the surprise spoilt. Also, for those of you who havent seen them posted elsewhere, there have been a couple of videos showing some mini-projects going on prior to the start of the build, so you may be interested in catching up on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhF8mZsmx_w&list=PL-_tWQqniU8kE9fgNjIv3RsQQ0AwjvdbN
  8. The first meeting of the year at the Church Mouse Waldridge, Chester le Street, DH23RJ. Waldridge, Chester le Street, DH23RJ . Once again asking if a few of the new members would like to attend, if we can get more coming I will organize more events like the one we had between Xmas and New Year. Looking forward to seeing anyone that can make it- come in your road car if your kit is off the road.
  9. I always wondered what TFM stood for, and now I know I live near the Bridgnorth one.
  10. A week to go. Still places available if anyone else is interested.
  11. If you live by a TFM (Telford Farmers Market) they sell batteries. They are about a tenner cheaper than Tayna for an 063
  12. I've used them a couple of times too, cheap and fast!
  13. I was the same as you, the originals were far too hard. As the tie bar conversion was done at the same time the difference was massive.
  14. Last week
  15. Is there room to mount a bracket on top with a pivot carrying a bar? ( Think see-saw on it's side ) bottom of bar carries very short cable to carb & top of bar is connected to throttle pedal, this cable will a fraction of the present length. You will also need a fixed mount to hold the cable outer sheath.
  16. Hallo everyone, Bin a couple of years since I've been on here and also a similar amount of time since I did any work on the car. My wife's health has not been great but we now seem to back on an even keel. However, I,m having trouble clearing head space to tackles longstanding "problems". Throttle cable routing has been nagging at me and I don't seem to be able to come up with an alternative for routing and linkage. I'd like to come up with a different linkage which would then sort out the "cack handed" routing I have inherited. As a picture always paints a thousand words.... Whoops here it is
  17. Exceptional service from these guys. Cheap and speedy delivery even though they're from another country (Wales ) I chose my battery by size but still got it wrong. They picked it back up when they delivered the new one and only charged half the cost as a gesture of good will. A very efficient and fast service. https://www.tayna.co.uk/
  18. theduck

    Parts clearout

    Still got a load of valve train bits, the pulley, and a mix of bolts for tings like bellhousing to engine.
  19. Fit the best belt that is affordable/practical but believe me they won't save you in the wrong circumstances, in a kit or normal road car. All you can do is give yourself the best chance. In a road car it is important to get your driving position correct so that belts and airbags work in harmony with each other to hold you in place away from any hard surfaces or areas which might intrude into your space. Not much you can do about the footwell but a new car is massively stronger than one made 20 or even 10 years ago.
  20. Im building a Pinto to anything really
  21. Hi Dan, 3 point belts are definitely better IF they are inertia reel type & are working correctly. How often do you re-adjust fixed belts to allow for differing amounts of clothing & different drivers? Wouldn't have any other type, they fit snugly as soon as clipped in & only restrict movement under braking or cornering. ( No idea if they work on acceleration, Florin has only a few BHP )
  22. theduck

    Parts clearout

    Anything particular you were after? Not sure I have much left but I can double check.
  23. Agreed these are not cars for the safety conscious amongst us. I just like to pass on info if I can help people out. If you’re buying new harnesses anyway it just seems worth buying better ones. In for a penny and all that. Only problem a fifth strap creates is you need a compatible seat, if you have no hole for said strap to feed thru you're buggered. I drive a motorbike, if safety was my main concern that would be a big no no lol. The zero is much safer option to that, even with no belts at all!
  24. They are all on YouTube, which is quicker and easier and saves postage
  25. You're on about fixed 3 point harnesses, not inertia-type belts like in production cars (doesn't really apply to our types of cars) right? I get the focus on racing/etc but it's not something the average joe on the road really needs to worry about. In our types of cars, you have to be pragmatic for the general types of users we have; I guess 95% of sales are to road users. An inertia reel isn't practical because of the car design (you could get the mount up on the rollover hoop, sure, if GBS were that way inclined) but I'd probably err more on the side of strapping myself in so I don't come out. Submarining or not, I think if an impact was that serious in our little tin cans you'll be waving goodbye to your legs pretty quickly, whether it's a 3, 4 or 20 point harness :). A frontal is probably not too bad because there's a heck of a lot of front crumple (ie. the entire chassis forward of the bulkhead) but anything remotely side-on, or something that splits a chassis tube and had it poking into the passenger compartment.... I think the least of your worries is "damn it, I wish I had a crotch strap to stop me sinking forward" Just wouldn't want people worrying over nothing, or at least putting it into context. The guys who popped their testiles out thanks to a 6 point are probably very annoyed about it, sure, but I bet they're glad they were wearing something more than a 3-point intertia reel !! edit: I should say, you're totally right, a badly-adjusted harness is going to do next to nothing, and at least that's the one good thing about a 3 point, it's less prone to incorrect adjustment. I have an issue with the GBS/TRA lap straps, they constantly loosen, I was speaking to TRS at Autosports about swapping my harness for ones with reversed lap straps with motorsport adjusters on them... bugs the hell out of me
  26. All that said, I have some old out of date fall attest harnesses. They have those plastic parts on to stop the flappy bits getting in the way. I will measure them. If they are the right size you’re welcome to the clips they are no good to me
  27. Three point belts use your own weigh in your favour. In a front impact your torso hits the longer diagonal part of the belt pulling the shorter horizontal part in, this results in your butt being pulled rearwards Keeping your legs as far as possible from the steering and dash components. As we know 5 or 6 point harnesses simply lock you in hard. 4 point are terrible, they are normally worn too loose because the cheap ones most people use don’t stay where you adjust them, and as you say submarining is a big problem if you like walking after an impact. May seem dramatic but I’ve seen a lot of track cars rolled and smashed, the guys with 4 point harnesses all ended up with leg injuries or cuts and bruises, not to mention friction burns up their front where they slid under their belts. There’s a few things racing and showing cars has taught me over the years. No 4 point harnesses is one. Always chain your filler caps and anything that can be stolen at public shows in another had about £250 of parts stolen off my track car on Toyotas main stand at Goodwood festival of speed.
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