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  2. Welcome all, it's great to have you on board. Glad to see a couple of Staffs in the club too, could do with more members out this way. If you have any questions, please ask away or private message myself or any other committee member. Andi
  3. I also used the square facet but only use it to prime the system. So I put a T in the fuel line before and after the mechanical pump. I wired a push button switch to power it so it only works when I press on the switch so no need for an inertia switch, this means that I only have to put up with the noise for a few seconds.
  4. i have a pinto carb going spare it is auto choke but i think it can be converted if you are interested
  5. Yeah I've thought about that as well
  6. This weeks video we take the first step towards the final build of the 1958 Ford Prefect Turbo Pinto project car build by removing the Volvo 940 axle and giving it the clean and paint we should have probably done months ago! While we are at it though we fit brand new brake discs, refurbished Volvo 2 pot calipers (Thank you again to Richy for the super refurb!), and a new handbrake cable from the ever helpful team at https://www.skandix.de/en/ As I was doing all that, it seemed silly to put the Volvo steelies back on, so I finally get round to fitting the custom wheel spacers from superforma and try the RenaultSport Clio 197 17' alloy wheels on for size. Sure they need a refurb, but man do they look the part! Cannot wait to get them refurbished and fitted with the bigger tyres we are going for!
  7. Thanks Peter, I wouldn't burn "Thing". It's currently on axle stands and I built the garage it sits in especially for it. The Garage is worth more than the car. I laid a driveway from the front gates to the bottom, or top, (depending how you look at it) of the garden. Nope, wouldn't burn "Thing"..... It would be a complete admission of total and utter failure. I bought "Thing" as a "just runner", about four or five years ago. This is the history based on the box of paperwork I was given by it's previous owner. It seems to have started life as a bit of a "budget" build, somewhere in the North East of England.. It originally had a pinto engine and a brake servo. Shortly after it got through it's SVA it was sold to someone in the West of Country. The engine was changed for a Zetec 2 litre and the brake servo removed, (no room), instrumentation changed and a multi function motorcycle speedo, rev counter, fuel gauge and all sorts of other stuff. Wires everywhere behind the dash..... Engine management system was programmed by the gent who converted it.. again it seems to have been a bit of a "budget rebuild. It went through a further two owners hands before the "idiot savaunt", (myself) came along and was daft enough to buy it. After purchase I discovered it leaked water everywhere, drained the battery overnight, alternator began screaming like a banshee and had the stopping power of a tea tray on wet grass.... plus a cast of thousands Replumbed it, sorted the alternator, stopped the battery drain. Then my wife fell ill, then I fell ill... Unrelated stuff ...These things happen when you get past sixty..... hey ho Onwards and upwards,,, back in the garage ....we will not be beat Thankyou for your kind reply, will let you know what I end up with....Big thanks once again to brumster for the use of his spread sheet .
  8. Standard square facet on the Acc part of the ign switch I always put an inertia Switch in the power feed as god forbid you have an accident you don’t have 40ltrs a min still being pumped Out
  9. You could try covering it with roll bar padding or sleeve.
  10. Well I must have been busy doing something (actually in the garage) because I'm a few days late posting the welcome list. (I'll be posting some pictures later to show what I've been up to). Down to the more important business and welcome along to the following new members who joined in May. The slight easing in restrictions means those of us in England can at least get out in their cars without feeling quite so guilty but I'm sure everyone in looking forwards to a return to normal, whatever that turns out to be. Tommy L Tommy gun07 Bishop Auckland Nicholas P-H nickp Southport Mark W Mw@p2plogistics.co.uk Stoke on Trent Keith C Keith Clipsham Guilsfield William W William Williams Cogenhoe David L DaFreeLum Cannock Gordon B Gordon Butler Hartlepool Richard S Richard Stainsby Bishop Auckland Christopher S Series7 Congleton Katie N Katie Nunn Darlington Mike F Mike Fahey Goring-by-Sea Nicola S TRAB (roary the racing car Bishop Auckland Dave B dave baker Bradford
  11. Hmm so painting not such a good idea, it was already painted when I bought it so I've just been patching it up. I do like the black though. Decision's decision's
  12. Ditto Richy. The paint on my roll bar was always chipping and flaking and looked a mess so I removed it all 2 years ago. Used a flapwheel in an angle grinder then finished off with satin wheels and scotchbrite pads to give a nice brushed finish. I've only had to go over it lightly once since to remove odd rust spots with a pad.
  13. Hi I have at present the standard Sierra mechanical fuel pump and are looking to fit a new electrical pump. Any suggestions on type, fitting and necessary wiring requirements would be appreciated.
  14. Hello I believe the DTML is a straight replacement of the DFTH and gets rid of the problematic stepper motor. I guess it should have the same layout as the one in the Haynes manual in the previous post.
  15. I just polished mine with a wire brush on a drill. It came up a lot better than I thought it would.
  16. Hi all What do you use to paint the roll bar I have tried various metal paints with proper stainless steel primer but if I let the vinyl roof or windows touch it during hot sunny weather when I remove roof it peels the paint with it. When roof is fitted properly with the frame supporting it there's no problem as frame is powder coated but I can't do that for the roll bar.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Before you reach for the zippo, the standard Sierra brakes will stop a car with 5 passengers etc. comfortably. Your car is nowhere near that weight, could you just refit a servo if you have room, If not you could just fit a smaller master cylinder, I believe the KA ones are 21mm and Sierra 22? so little difference. I think people have fitted 19mm in the past. I had thought about removing the servo on mine but driving with it disconnected was terrifying!
  19. I don't know about these carbs is it like this? With the mechanically operated carbs, Dgav Dgas, its simple to look down the top and when you open the throttle you can watch the butterflies opening. With this style the secondary choke is opened by the vacuum diaphragm system, this will only work when the engine is under load so you can't simply have the engine running while stationary. I had a car (Estelle!) many years ago with a similar carb which would stick shut every now and then, the simple cure was just to manually operate the mechanism a couple of times, so you could try that. Is the choke working ok? look down into the carb when the engine is warm has the choke butterfly fully opened. Don't get too hung up on the jet sizes yet, do you know what is the ignition system fitted? What state are the plugs in after you have been for a run, are they clean, sooty? This one illustrated also has a stepper motor connected to the ESCii module for the idle speed.
  20. Are these for the same wheels as on SuperSpec? If so I got these and sprayed them black or if you want some of the SuperSpec ones I have a set https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143285748580
  21. Hi Dean Just need to know a few more details. What wheels are they for:- Make model wheel size etc, Can you not measure the other wheel centre caps or the wheel centre holes of the second hand one's? To many unknown facts to hazzard a guess as to what size you require!
  22. Hi guys what is the size of the centre hub caps as need to buy some new ones as two wheels that i bought second hand dont have them already attached TIA
  23. if you want to go low profile, why not consider using sikaflex to the bars then clearance is for the bars only
  24. Looking for a 2ltr Pinto carb manual choke and throttle linkage
  25. I am looking for the fuel pump inertia cut-off switch for my 1992 Ford Sierra 2.0i CLX Hatchback. The original cut-off switch is failing, and impossible to use. Anybody having a new one to sell me?
  26. You have to make that choice with the master cylinder bore diameter. Larger bore = more per pressure but less peddle travel. Smaller bore = less peddle pressure but more travel. I prefer a smaller diameter and a touch longer travel, I find on a car with no ABS or servo the travel is small anyway because it’s so direct. The brakes in my kit are quite good, I swapped for a smaller diameter master last year and it’s a big improvement on standard. It’s important to line the push rod and master cylinder accurately too, a straight push is much more efficient than if it’s at a bit of an angle because no energy is wasted in angular motion, and less in friction.
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