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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sadly not it would have to be a full respray of the pannel
  3. Is it possible to "touch up" the trick colour if it gets scratched?
  4. Does anyone have one of these that I can borrow or buy? It is the sort of tool I would only use once, so borrowing one would be great. Ilive in Plymouth. See picture.
  5. The 2B plus had the double wishbone suspension as in your photos. The standard 2B was a slightly different design known as a sliding pillar Where the spring was separate from the damper but both were mounted In a near vertical Position beside the front wheel. https://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm
  6. Thanks for your reply what is the difference between a 2b and 2b plus?
  7. Sick of it now. I’ll give it away for £6000 if anyone wants it. Runs well. starts quite well but I would fit a new starter (probably Mk2 they turn faster) if I was keeping it Mazda GBS Zero 1800cc. It only has 560 miles on the clock from IVA. Compression test done on 15_06_2020, results 1-160, 2-159, 3-162, 4-160, text book! New plugs and leads fitted at the same time along with an oil and filter change. New diff oil seals and diff oil 30_6_2020 Spec is high and it has had a lot of money spent on the build. GBS Zero GT with lowered floorpan fitted with Mazda 1.8 twin cam engine. Registered Feb 2015 Spec of Car: This car is wrapped in pearlescant white with the upgraded front wings, powder coated chassis and GBS suspension parts etc etc. 1,8 Mazda engine, gearbox and diff from 1 owner MX5 1998 era, regularly serviced every 3000 miles from new. Car scrapped due to bodywork rot. All other parts are new ATR adjustable shockers New steering rack Emerald K6 ECU GBS wiring loom GBS Jenvey throttle bodies New battery. Stainless exhaust with sports cat. Pro race 1.2 15 inch wheels new discs and pads Smiths flight gauges Fully carpeted New belts and bucket seats. Windscreen and wipers fitted New tonneau cover partially fitted - needs studs fitting but I preferred it without. New hood and sidescreens supplied with car but still need fitting, again I prefer it without. High performance aluminium radiator. Lots more but feel free to ask questions. The wrap on the nose cone isn't the best but it's not terrible. The car was mapped by Aldon automotive and made 147bhp, on the money really. It has had a bit of work since to ensure the throttle bodies open to 90 degrees, and the brakes no longer stick on as they did then so I’d like to think it would see 150+ Thanks. 07432823248 Barry
  8. We all put our personality's into our cars that's why no two are the same, I think it looks stunning, but it's not what I would do.
  9. It has front double wishbones so is 2B Plus.
  10. Burghly House at 12:00 is the plan at this stage.
  11. No disrespect intended. Quality looks high. I just like them ‘standard’ looking. It is, IMHO, a 1960s design and should be kept in its own era. The arch mods I like a lot however.
  12. It won’t be to everyone’s taste I know and your more than welcome to come and have a look hopefully it will be at eosb this year
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I have bought this car and it is being picked up on Tuesday. Had a mad moment as the advert did not say what it was and I assumed it was a 2b..... Regards Tony
  14. Looks like it’s be to me. you can see the slim line tunnel, alligator bonnet, the round tube on the floor. suspension looks correct.
  15. Can anyone confirm that this is a 2b. Many thanks Tony
  16. Jez is correct,my memory fade on the flange plate seal, & as he said the tube doesn't seal well to the cap rubber. Also I believe that a tab needs welding/forming inside the tube for the cap catch to engage with. Memory recalls that I cut the tube through at correct depth, hammered tube in to form a lip & then welded the cut closed -- was the only way I could figure to get a sharp/square lip on the inside of the tube.
  17. Not keen on the wing or the splitter but the arches look great. Would be good to see it in the flesh
  18. We are away Saturday night so I need to know time and place before I can let you have numbers. Cheers
  19. Looks great. Really like the bonnet venting.
  20. Last week
  21. Here it is all fitted to the car ready for mapping on Friday
  22. That's exact the way I did it at the left side. I let you know how it works. Thank you.
  23. DeanRudkin

    Engine swap

    Yeah you will need new engine mounts mine are a Diy kit you can buy and weld up your self you can use the same prop shaft if your going to use the type 9 gearbox
  24. I'm using these J & R driveshafts. If this is the same design as the ones that I bought, they are too large in diameter to pass though the hole in the swinging arm using the normal installation method. After discussions with the owner of J & R I had to take the outer joint off, put that into the hub from the inside, put the rest of the shaft into the diff and reconnect the joint. There's just enough room to do this. The owner said that he originally designed these for Westfields which don't have the hole size problem. let us know how you get on.
  25. Perfect! That's what I'm looking for. I bought it! I hope it's the right-hand side driveshaft. Thank you so much.
  26. I found with mine the tube didnt protrude through the plate enough to make a good seal it touches but doesn't compress. I added a layer of rubber to the cap using 1mm nitrile rubber cut to fit and glued on. I would have adjusted the flange if the car wasn't built. I dont think the flange has anything to do with sealing, the seal on the cap is spring loaded and seals on the tube end. I'm not sure how accurately these parts are made so you may need to test first and decide if the flange needs to be adjusted.
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