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  3. Cork gasket should be all you need.
  4. A deep clean, treat the vinyl, rubber trim and clean in side of light lenses.
  5. hi all filled the car up the other day and fuel spilled onto the floor of the garage thoght it was coming from the rtn pipe on the fuel sender which is the sierra one the rtn is being used as a breather which is higher than the tank but when i took the boot floor out to check there was fuel all round the sender so looks like i will need to remove and clean up and reseal what is the best sealent to use and where to buy from online cheers del
  6. Axel stands are a good call, I use blocks of wood under the lower ball joint plates. Keeps the rubber 10mm off the cold floor and I can spin the wheel now and then. Fuel lines is a must mine stink of leaking fuel. Good shout that man
  7. We are lucky. The wife pays about 7 or 8 quid a month for Ocado smart pass membership. We get special discounts and cheaper delivery. But it’s proof we are regular shoppers not chancers who had one cut price delivery then moved on in 2012. Now they have a separate site for smart pass members and guarantee one delivery per week, you get preference over none smart pass shoppers. As it should be! Care for their regular customers not random people. You do only have a 1 hour allotted window to fill your ‘basket’ each week to to keep site traffic low but that’s no problem. I’ll be doing my bit by staying home and working in isolation at work. Time for pretending It’s not happening is long past.
  8. Most of the parks around here that have gates are locked. You still see people popping in to the shop for a can of energy drink though, hardly essential in my eyes. We have managed to secure home delivery slots for the next few weeks and anything that they don't have I will try to get on Sunday morning when our local aldi is opening early for emergency service workers. Good on them, that shop was the best thing that ever happened to this town.
  9. Drain the fuel if you havent already. If the car has been sat with fuel in the rubber lines, replace them. Its not expensive to do and you'll probably want to when you drain the fuel and see the mess ethanol causes inside rubber lines. Rotate the wheels, or even better put the car on axle stands Sure I'll think of more but they are the only ones that havent been mentioned that I can think of off the top of my head.
  10. Yeah locally it’s the same. Very much seems to depend on local council how far they take it. Accordingly there is to be a step up in efforts this weekend because people are still not staying in tho. There was a BBQ not far away a few days ago that the police had to split up. Come on people we know the rules As for gangs of kids playing on parks, well I hope they don’t get it because hospitals don’t accept family members any more. So a kid alone in hospital scared and I’ll, mum and dad at home no idea what is going on. Hospital visiting is not allowed under any circumstances around here. Not a nice thought. And god forbid they take a turn for the worse alone in hospital. How would that play on a parents conscience for the rest of their days?!
  11. Not aware that we have anything like that around here, although not driven the car since Tuesday when we went to see wife's 95 year old aunt, we do intend to visit again next Mon/Tues as she can't use the phone & is IT illiterate, but it will be in shopping hours in case she needs anything, it's very strange, knocking on her door, then retreating back across the drive, only to have to shout at her to make her understand.
  12. Yeah there’s road blocks around here checking where people are travelling. My mrs has an official letter allowing her to travel as a key worker If the shops are open and you are close to home, so not joy riding 40 miles away, then you can go shopping alone. They take your reg and remember you tho, I wouldn’t try it twice! £30 as a fine is a joke tho, needs to be far far more to put some real deterrent in place £300 would make people think twice. My track car had no number plates but I would drive on the roads for testing, getting fuel etc (was road legal). I was stopped a few times and fined £30, like I told the coppers as long as you don’t stop me more than once a day I couldn’t give a damn about the fine because it’s not points. Drink drivers deserve to be caught. I shopped my old neighbour for it and she lost her licence for 18 months, I told her it was me too. No time for those people! Do what you want in your own life but don’t endanger my kids please.
  13. Might need a couple more 9s on the end! Police have been stopping cars in this area to check if people are really going to work. Been two arrests locally for drink driving too. Must have stood out like a sore thumb
  14. Change disposable fuel filters, general check of nuts and bolts. Funny propshaft was the first thing that came in to my head. Hose clamps,fuel lines, brake lines visual inspection. It's frustrating, I was going to tax my car at the beginning of April. I suppose I could still use it to go to work but I don't know how busy I am going to be. I have a feeling that I may be in the calm before the storm at the moment.
  15. Last week
  16. Set it far a count-down to when you're allowed out again.
  17. Leicester and EOSB left, with a maybe for Wales.
  18. Clare came around the corner and tripped on the raised flags a couple of times, so I put the blocks there for my safety (because it was obviously my fault). Another project I've been working on is a nixie tube clock kit from PV electronics. Finished the PCB assembly last night and everything seems to work, just have to built it into its case now.
  19. Excellent work Andy, and I'm sure it was more fun with an "apprentice" Nick
  20. When I had my Dutton many years ago I bought some normal hinges the correct size from B&Q well it wouldn't have been them as they didn't exist, but somebody like them, ground the top of the pin off so they came apart like the ones in the images
  21. Good to see you've placed a couple of concrete blocks on the edge ---- to stop the wind rolling up the slabs.
  22. My work has gone to reduced hours on 12 hour shifts, meaning i work 2 or 3 days a week. I've decided to build a shed so that i can clear stuff out the garage to actually allow me to work on the kit car, and hopefully get it back on the road. Having laid a patio and enjoying the extra space in the back garden area after demolishing the old shed, I've decided to put its replacement in the 6 foot wide gap down the side of the house, whilst retaining access to the front. The result will hopefully be a 16' x 3' shed. Monday was design, Tuesday was excavation and backfill with old rubble i hadn't taken to the tip / hardcore and wednesday was laying the slabs. I'm not trying to do it full time, enjoying time with Thomas is also a priority.
  23. Bet you dont fit the fan switch...... Your just too used to living on the turbo edge
  24. Stoneleigh Park Hotel contacted me to rearrange the dates of our booking to Saturday 27th June because the Kit Car Show dates had been changed.
  25. It seems a very long time ago that I first drove down to view this car for it to only now be coming home, but that's because it was at my good friends Steve Walford Motorsports until now. Now that the major bits of work that Steve is helping with are done, it is time for the 100e Prefect to come home and for me to get started on fitting all the parts I have been gathering for it. In this video I set about tackling the boot lid fitment, which doesn't sound like it should be that difficult, but it was far more complicated then it should have been. Also get one of the kirkey seats fitted so can start working out where everything else is going to live!
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