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K-Series Gbs Zero


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Favour to ask if anyone knows someone capable of brazing. I've got my sump sorted - on advice from Dave Andrews the aluminium sump is really recommended because of strengthening the bottom end, but cut-and-shutting it was a bit beyond me (or anyone else I would suspect) so it was a case of swallow my pride and just buy the Caterham wet sump. Anyway, problem is, they don't do the oil pick-up pipes any more....




So I need something like this making :( the standard Rover one is moulded plastic and I can't easily modify it short enough.


So, favour time - anyone know a man who can :) ?

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So, related update then, managed to obviously source the sump which you can see next to the standard jobbie...




Keeps the sump bottom flush with the gearbox so much better ground clearance; I double-checked ride height and I'm at the 125mm so this really needed doing. Some capacity is obviously added by not having the shallow section at the rear like the standard sump. But I'll mainly be relying on the Accusump to keep good pressure for any short periods of starvation, if that happens (unlikely on the road, I would hope).




Can't warrant a dry sump for what is predominantly a road car... :(

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Pulled my thumb out a bit... :)


Had a problem with something backfeeding on the ignition circuit and keeping a relay energised, so I spent today tracking it down and traced it to the ECU feed. It was my cock-up on the wiring, had plugged it into the wrong pin, so with that remedied the electrics were ready to test and the good news is all the currently-wired circuits work perfects. There's a few still needing switchgear because they're in the centre console (the heater fan and fog light), plus I need to wire up with brake fluid reservoir/handbrake warning light, the wipers, the reverse light and the lambda sensor but then that's it. Will continue with that next.


I'd purchased some of the newer, smoother-style column stalks for the Zero compared to the earlier-model square ones I had on the Exmo, but when I tried them out the indicators didn't really work without a bit of heavy pressure on the stalk. Clearly something up with the contacts, so I disassembled them to see if they could be fixed (otherwise no big deal, I'd just resort to the older stalks). Once apart I was confronted with the rather obvious cause.... :)





Cleaned them up with the dremel, re-assembled and presto, the indicators all work properly again. Phew!




Checked all the sidelights, ensuring that main beam was only accessible with dip beam enabled, and that the dip beams actually turn off when the main beams are activated (which they do). Since the wiring design was all duplicated off the previous Exmo, I kinda knew/had confidence it should be fine, but still was good to check.




So I then set about putting the column/stalk cover on. Some of the back of it, behind the dash panel, was trimmed away but I kept the bulk of the moulding so that it clamped up nicely around the column itself.


I trimmed the dashboard panel a little with the dremel, just to get the clearance right, and then put some rubber edge trim on there just to finish off the cut part...




All in all a productive day, although not much to show for it, it was really one of those ballache investigations I'd been putting off but I had the attitude today that I was going to get the little *bleep* out of the way (the backfeed issue) so that I can move on to other things. So glad it's done really. The only other real ballache is the sump oil pickup issue and thanks to Femster it looks like that is sorted, so things are looking good!


No, it won't be ready for Stoneleigh :D ;)

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Post-Stoneleigh, and with thanks to Femster, I got the shallow pickup for the Caterham sump and so I finally have a sump solution that won't get ripped off the minute I drive over anything taller than tuppence.... it's flush with the bottom of the gearbox, as you can see, so it can't really get any higher.




I've left out all the foam crap that Caterham put in there. I don't trust it one bit and suspect with the Accusump it's largely irrelevant anyway.


Also at Stoneleigh I was contemplating steering wheels. Couldn't find any that I was happy with either the look or the construction of, so figured the IVA pads from Westfield would serve fine for now in order to get me through on my Mountney wheel. I really do like the mountney wheels to be honest, simple and effective, comfortable to use. Will probably swap for a suede one in the future but for now, this is effective re-use of the old wheel. Pad was a bit steep at £15 but still cheaper than a new wheel, and far more practical than the original Sierra wheel I've had on there up until now...




Just a minor update really; no work done, just bolted on bits from Stoneleigh :D

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