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  1. tractor

    gearbox oil

    i had to cut a hole in the transmission tunnel to fill mine
  2. tractor

    super or not ?

    you will only need to put additive in every third tank full
  3. i have found fitting the accuspark non vac dizzy leads and coil can make a big difference to the running and power of the pinto
  4. really depends on what seats you have and what pedal box you have i found tilting the seat base so that your legs are bent is a much more comfortable driving position
  5. welcome Rick first i would do a full nut and bolt check i have learnt this from experience then go for a drive to see what else needs sorting out or if something is not to your liking
  6. i have 70ah and cca620 on mine i know its a bit on the large side but i have plenty of power to turn engine over
  7. i would come and help you but you are a long way away what are the cranking amps and ah on your battery
  8. just seen latest weather report all looking very good for weekend
  9. tractor

    EOSB Run Out

    looking forward to it
  10. tractor

    short sump

    thats the sump that is on my pinto
  11. tractor

    engine stand

    sorry guys felt i had to share this with you i needed an engine stand for my v8 project so i looked on machine marts website and thought they were a bit expensive for the heavy weight stand so i looked on ebay and found one rated to 570 kilos got four casters on it and its made out of 2 1/4 box section and 2 1/2 all for sixty quid delivered fantastic
  12. tractor

    A 47 autojumble

    Wow I am at the a47 autojumble never seen it so busy
  13. bargain 205 block and injection head
  14. glad to hear you are having some success
  15. having put bike carbs on my pinto my crank case breather is just straight to air you might find that your crank case breather may be blocked thats why its coming out of other places if you have put the crank case breather to a tank and not to inlet manifold have you removed the vacum spring
  16. with the engine at TDC the pointer on the cam pulley should point to the mark on the head and the rotor arm should point to number one spark plug lead on the dizzy cap and also number one plug lead should be closest to cambelt the timing marks on the pulley are TDC then 12 10 8 i would set it at 10
  17. Well I have uncovered the Cobra hopefully it won't rain again tonight
  18. hopefully i will be able to make it
  19. tractor


    yes i had the GBS GT manifold on my zetec 2b you can find them on the GBS kit spares site
  20. the jubilee clips you are using are to wide you need really thin ones on the carbs
  21. what people call the plough has no structual meaning so you can cut it off sorry i dont have pictures any more but basically where your engine mounts are you can cut the tube back to where your engine mount plate finish the tube that is left underneath the plates is more than strong enough to hold the engine
  22. prop shaft will fit if both vehicles have a type 9 gearbox
  23. i cut mine out of my 2b if it was me i would cut off what you dont need and the heat up the bit that needs adjusting and bend it back you will need acetylene torch to get it cherry red to bend it
  24. tractor


    Vw polo radiator £20 on ebay
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