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  1. @fozzie was your dash cam on?
  2. MarkBzero

    type 9 sierra

    Check the selector saddle, it could be broken or worn.
  3. Great event, thank you to the committee and stalls who attended.
  4. Yes, and it covers lots of possible issues. Just make sure the handbrake cable does not run against it or on the bottom suspension arms.
  5. Drive it to the test centre, shows confidence in your build.
  6. Do you have the right manifold, there are two types normal and widebody (GT)? Wouldn't be the first time GBS made a small error.
  7. MarkBzero

    EOSB Run Out

    Will we get lost this year?
  8. I used to use this from Halfords https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/engine-oil/halfords-classic-oil-20w50-5l-537977.html
  9. It's an lowered sump, so only fill to the max level on the dip stick. The grade of oil is important what did you buy?
  10. Didn't know about this one, I need a good autojumble!
  11. MarkBzero

    Ruddington meet

    Sounds promising, unfortunately I am heading to Oulton park with NW club.
  12. Hi Harry, Similar to above I used a section of plaster corner bead/edge and bolted this to the wing bracket then applied loads of silkaflex to bed the cycle wings on. 6 years and still going strong, even at 100mph on a private road of course. https://www.google.com/search?q=plaster+corner+bead&oq=plaster+corner&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l3.7634j0j7&client=ms-android-motorola-rev2&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=_psJEP-eGcgQ3M
  13. That would create a rattle!
  14. Collets will only lock into place when used in the proper direction due to shoulders on the tappet. Have you done a quick visual check to see they are all there i.e. one part has not fallen into cylinder. I would firstly check that all collets are visible. Then take out spark plugs look into each combustion chamber, ideally with led camera probe to see if anything is in the chamber. Make sure none of the springs have snapped whilst compressing them. Failing that is anyone near you, two heads better than one to help out.
  15. I was going to type out the instructions but try this webpage first. Or even better swap from a known good engine. https://axleaddict.com/auto-repair/How-to-Test-a-Crankshaft-Position-Sensor-Using-a-Multimeter
  16. Looks OK to be sure I would add some trim for IVA then take it off afterwards.
  17. Sierra self adjusters in the drum are renown for not working especially the rachet version. I would try manually adjusting them with a screwdriver. Resolved mine for last MOT.
  18. I have twin 45 on my st170 engine, great noise but not really fuel efficient. But who cares! I might go to injection in the future but no rush to update.
  19. Hi all, The car has been on the road for 6 years and one thing that annoys me is the seeking suspension bushes. They are the original bushes from GBS and I put them in dry, with no grease. Has anyone found an alternative or should I buy new from GBS and add some grease? Thinking silicone grease or copper slip but will be guided by you knowledge and expertise. Thank you
  20. MarkBzero


    This is what being club member is all about, you cannot put a price on it. But when you need something a club member is always willing to help out.
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