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Kia Sorento 2.5 Diesel 168Bhp

04 January 2018 - 04:57 PM

The car is in really good condition, no faults whats so ever 
Recent oil service and rear brake pads. 
Manual gearbox 
Vendrestin quatrac 3 tyres all good 
Black leather interior 
Heated electric front seats 

Climate control
Auto headlights 
Cruise control 
Detachable towbar 
Mot till july 
History and receipts 

Black with tinted windows



Great tow car


if interested i can email photos


£4000 to anyone on here 

3.54 English Diff

02 January 2018 - 07:47 AM

Anyone got one to sell ? Cash waiting

Viewing Rhocar From Android Device Problems?

10 December 2017 - 02:49 PM

when viewing from my s8+  yesterday and today i can no longer view the rhocar site properly?? anyone else having issues ? the site will come up on a search and open but will not allow me to view new content says my ip address then requested url  :/yp7a-start-html then status code 404

Race Line V Retroford And Davis Craig Ewp's

30 November 2017 - 08:31 AM

i have always used the raceline water rail on my zetec and in all the yrs ive had it the cooling on the  car has never been right.  ive suffered from over heating and overcooling more so sense i supercharged the engine, i wanted the cooling to run at approx 90deg but could never get the raceline to do it temps would range from 120 to 80 due to the thermostat being located to far from the head. 


So i try the davis craig electric water pump system, intially it was very disappointing but after discussions direct with manufacturer they came up with a solution which with the raceline wouldnt work properly.


i get a retroford water rail and find that its not quite a direct replacement needing a coilpack bracket making and the dipstick moving slightly, not a bad thing as this gave me the chance to make a custom bracket for the coil and fuel pressure reg that had always been mounted in a temp fashion.  once fitted up with the EWP the car now has quick warm up and and stays close to the target 90deg.



the ultimate test was on the dyno yesterday, the car maintained target temps on the dyno, probably the harshest teat you can put your car through. the dyno operator even commented on the fact the car maintained temps perfectly.


so raceline v retroford retro is better in my situation ( it works)


Davis craig EWP and digital controller, great bit of kit that that does the job well, but dosen't as claimed give you any BHP increase...(in my case anyhow) 

Been On The Dyno Again (To Reduce Power)

30 November 2017 - 08:13 AM

I have now got a car with dual identity, as you can see the boosted map ran 242bhp and 256ft lb of torque (same as before) which is great fun but hard to drive when trying to drive steady on a cruise up the motorway. so i have been trying to figure a way to hold the supercharger at bay which i have now designed and tested. so went to the the dyno again to get the 2nd map rewritten the car is is now truly awesome, i can have a normally aspirated easy to drive car with 130bhp then flick a switch on the move and have 242bhp making the car fast as feck ! 


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