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Removing Exhaust Manifold S7

Matt brown

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Put a jack under the sump and remove the engine mounts. The engine can then be tilted/raised/lowered which might just work. The engine is very unstable like this!!! I remember getting the manifold out with a lot of fiddling and not being able to get it back in. Eventually took the head off.



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Take out the studs holding it to the head.

Remove the engine mount exhaust side (after putting a jack under the sump!)

unbolt brake master cylinder from servo and lift about one inch.

Then can be just jiggled out.

At least this works for me.

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So managed to get it out removed the master cylinder and moved the steering shaft made just enough room, for some reason I couldn't get the top nut of the engine mount to loosen it was on there good and propper. But have a bigger problem now I have got a massive split in the pipe where it is welded :(

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