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  1. Sorry Shaun, sold months ago.
  2. How many of you are going or are you saving yourself for EOSB?
  3. Thanks for the offer, someone from the Staffordshire club picked me up. Just a bad evening recovery firms were quoting 6 hour plus delays. Thank you
  4. Something I would be willing to pay for, local firms have all singing and dancing laser digital units that need vehicle make and model. Kwik fit wanted £75 and was going to use a caterham setting because it was in the system.
  5. Plan a failed - kit car misfire Plan b failed - can't find tow hitch for tin top Plan b back on. *bleep* trailer lights not working Plan c - can't be bothered to fix lights and wait u til it's dark. That's it, going to make the most of the day light dragging the trailer tent with or without lights see you in a few hours.
  6. Probably a little attention to detail with clips, fuel and brake pipes that will be visible to the tester. Uniformity and straight lines, insulated wiring terminals will fill the tester with confidence of the build.
  7. Thanks Andi, good meet with a surprise drive around Cannock Chase.
  8. Thanks Kerry, Gammon with pineapple and g/f chips.
  9. Going to make my own, currently have perspex and stainless steel boot lid attached with some old mini boot hinges. I now want a cover to match the seats.
  10. Shame the club could not buy them, corner weights at end of season bash could be interesting. Also there's no flat area to use.
  11. Someone will get a bargain, looks like a really good car. Times like this I wish I had more space or an old barn.
  12. Hi, I'm running twin 45's. Can you give me you specs, jet size and engine type. Idle circuit is used throughout the range in these carbs. Do you know what progression holes are in the carb because this can make a huge difference?
  13. Wrong dates for me, already booked in Oulton park.
  14. Done, it's where I got the original twin 45 with 5 progression holes. Just waiting for delivery, fingers crossed for this week before Santapod.
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