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  1. A maybe from me. I need fixing, then the car needs MOT.
  2. A weird one, series 1A Landy.
  3. Mmm, not sure yet a little early to confirm.
  4. Not sure at the moment, starting new job 1st March.
  5. I had a bespoke one made at Europa Spares.
  6. Technically it should be warmer down south.
  7. No issues mating together. But be aware the ST170 uses different engine mounts and because the water pump rotates a different direction you will need an extra idler pulley from Retro ford.
  8. Is this on the right or left side of the car?
  9. Kit spares sell one, a bit pricey but should give you an idea for making your own. https://kitspares.co.uk/products/standard-floor-exhaust-mount Sits right behind the back box.
  10. Sorry can't make this just has an op on stomach and no driving for 2 weeks.
  11. I made my own after chasing suppliers.
  12. Hi Kerry, Just been ordered down to London tomorrow, depending on the time I get back I might see you on Saturday. What time are you heading to Newark?
  13. After doing Le Man this year and knocking up 1200 miles in one trip, I have the confidence to travel further. I rarely use the forum these days only the odd glance, might be worth popping on Facebook site.
  14. I'm a maybe at this point.
  15. MarkBzero

    Sad News

    Great guy and a lovely car, seen on many club photos. RIP Ivan.
  16. Hi, I have the standard GBS Zero doors, I often take them off but leave them at home. I would like to make them fold in half so I could store them on longer journeys, any ideas?
  17. I want to go, but with a trip to Le Mans in the kit at the end of the month I would be facing divorce!
  18. Derek, please accept my apologies I don't think I can attend this event. We have 4 foster kids including two babies just arrived direct from hospital. Whilst I was looking forward to this event my life would over if I left the better half this weekend with 4 kids. Please let me know how much I owe you.
  19. Two options heater matrix or electric seat warmers. The heater matrix will help to demist the windscreen, which you will need at some point.
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