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    Just to say, I now have a street legal Burton. The IVA test is done and buried along with the problems that led up to it. I can now give a definitive view of the Yeading Test Centre and their examiners, and would confirm that they have been supportive, friendly, approachable and that, providing the manual is used to ensure all point are covered, are very happy to pass the Burton and I am sure other kit cars. Very happy to comment if any one wants to know in more detail as to the Examiners approach. Thanks to everyone here's support and comments. Full story in the blog at www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp Keith
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    To be one of the first to post on the new forum
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    To Dean ( Membership Secretary) and Danielle (Events Secretary) who got married today. Wishing them all the best for a happy life together. Richy and Jackie.
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    RING THE BELLS!!!!!! Christmas has come early for me.... Personal Circumstances have changed dramatically overnight, which means I don't have to now, part with the car. Dave.
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    Can I hide a few presents in the garage? said Swmbo.
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