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  1. Agree with Tractor comments, the cheapest will be 2B it's the car I wanted but then went for Zero because of the newer parts that were available. GBS still have donor kits available for both.
  2. Everything sorted, the auto adjuster were seized all cleaned and greased.
  3. MarkBzero


    So true, in the forces we worked on right-hand drive and left-hand drive vehicles so always used driver or passenger side. With the exception of Ferret vehicle one driving position in the centre!
  4. Hi, Lools.like a good build, don't worry about failing most cars do. You then have a nice to do list. Have you got a rear number plate light?
  5. This one on eBay is not a bad starting place. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LOCOST-7-KIT-CAR-BIKE-ENGINE-FITTED-ROAD-LEGAL-TRACK-DAY-CAR-RACE-CAR-/274648066922?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  6. Excellent news, good to see another lightweight pass IVA.
  7. That will be a fun job. They will need a rolling road session to set perfectly to maximize power and fuel efficiency.
  8. Loads of useful information already on the forum but any questions will be answered. From a photo perspective take some close ups and then ask a friend to take a picture of you with a spanner, under the car with greasing hands. The only photos they checked from my submission was the seat belt mounts, fuel tank mounts and engine number.
  9. I went from a Ford crossflow to ST 170 in a GBS Zero but kept weñt down the twin 45s route because they sound awesome and it was easier/cheaper at the time.
  10. MarkBzero

    Before I Start

    Rich don't wait 2 years, it took me 3 to build because everything else in my life came first. Kids, work, MSc, fostering, house move and poor health. My advice, although I really love my car and know every nut and bolt on first name term. I would buy a roadworthy registered kit them modify to my style. But it really is your choice, this forum will support you.
  11. Great idea, I was thinking of doing something similar because I am running dry after 98'ish miles. I always take spare 5 litres for longer trips and throw it in the lawnmower so never goes stale.
  12. Hello fellow petrolhead's, What are you buying for your Kit car or Garage this Christmas? I'll start 3 sheets 1m x 2m of aluminium tread plate, white paint and new strip lights for the man cave.
  13. Yes count me in, by then we should all be micro-chipped with the Covid vaccine with built in gps speedo. Tickets and points will be automatically sent in the post!
  14. @Peter Bell I feel your pain, many years ago I was seen as a cleverest dad ever and helped with homework. Fast forward... Now I have a kid in college doing IT software and hardware and another in Uni doing digital forensics. Help!!!
  15. Worth trying our club sponsors, Adrian flux and Heritage both know our about our kits.
  16. Any chance it's a left-hand thread?
  17. There's so much flex in the bonnet, not sure paint would stick very well. Personally all one colour would look best, maybe with some racing strips.
  18. A big thank you to @Matt brown for sourcing some ali treadplate at a good price. If you need any metal ask Matt for a price.
  19. Personally I would go for a slightly cheaper car and then spend money to modify to your own design. All these cars are different and bespoke and you will never buy the perfect car for you.
  20. Keep going it will be worthwhile, eventually.
  21. Makes a lot of sense Kerry, considering the uncertainty about the various lockdowns.
  22. Looks good, a bit brighter and more modern.
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