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  1. tractor

    Timing (maybe

    Don't forget to disconnect the vac advance when checking timing and block off pipe
  2. this is exactly the problems i had with my weber 45,s fixed it by getting rid and putting bike carbs on no more problems
  3. there are two sensors fitted to the engine one is for the oem ecu and one is for temp gauge
  4. i would bin the sealed lights and get some modern ones the sealed just dont give off enough light
  5. from what i can remember one tensioner one idler pulley
  6. never had accuspark damage my engines i have used BESTEK before and was good quality but thought they had stopped doing pinto stuff
  7. you may find the earth is in the wrong place on the dim headlight or indeed a bad earth
  8. rebore to 2.1 and kent cam bike carbs get the head skimmed and finally accuspark electronic dizzy thats about all you can do i think as for how much power you will gain well not enough a standard 2ltr zetec engine wiil be more powerfull straight away with no tuning dont envy the decisions you have to make
  9. Hey Derek i dont look this good by eating starters and puddings you know
  10. hi Terry yes it was good to see you at Stoneleigh last year look forward to seeing you and your marcos this year
  11. retro ford sell prop shaft bolts
  12. there is another house between us and the wooden structure is within a few inches of my neighbors boundary
  13. thank you for responding ozz and sparepart as the houses were built many decades ago the developer will not be of any use from what ozz has said and reading the link from sparepart looks like nothing can be done about it as the council have been out to inspect the salon and approved its use i would assume she will be charged business rates on it
  14. is there anybody on the forum that knows about property law because i am having a problem with my neighbors they have nocked down there external garage and erected a luxury wooden building and then converted it into a hair salon so now we have her customers parking all over the place causing problems i live in a narrow residential street i looked into running a business from my garage a few years ago my first port of call was to look at my freehold to see if it was allowed and no it is not you are not allowed to run a business from an outbuilding on your property so i contacted the council who apparently did a site visit and said there is no problem here the business can carry on so is the freehold not worth the paper it is written on
  15. unfortunately i am not lucky enough to be retired yet
  16. booked it yes lunch for me Derek
  17. i thought the 2b 04 had double wishbone front suspension mine did
  18. tractor

    Christmas Meal

    whoo hoo nearly there
  19. oh no i will have to put up with Andi,s snoring
  20. i cant find the site map so i have booked pitch 7
  21. why get rid of the bike carbs to put webbers on thats a massive step backwards
  22. tractor

    Christmas Meal

    hi Kerry and Sharon here is our menu choices chris - starter battered shrimp - main -roast turkey -sweet-chocolate orange tart jayne -starter beetroot and red onion tart-main-roast turkey-sweet-chocolate orange tart Daniel-beetroot and red onion tart-main-chargrilled sirloin steak-sweet sticky toffee pudding looking forward to it
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