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Just curious as to what tools people carry with them when out in theor kit cars? I usually just take whichever tools I'd need to repair the latest modification or job if it goes wrong when out on the road 😂

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Toolroll with selection of screwdrivers, spanners and pliers, small socket set, cable ties, length of electrical wire, electrical tape, fuses, spare throttle and clutch cable, scissor jack and wheelbrace, bottle of water.


Blimey! I'm surprised my car moves with all that in it :unsure:

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As much as I can fit in the boot. Pretty much everything including jump leads and a power pack. Of course gaffer tape fixes most things so I have a roll of that too. :crazy:

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I looked at anything that could strand me.

my tool kit is similar to AndyW's toolroll, plus forceps to get to the

recessed plug cap, and spark plug socket, plus 1 spare plug. I figure only 1 will go at a time & they are readily available anywhere.

So I have a 2nd electric fuel pump mounted alongside the one in use, I doubt I could get one easily in France. I swap them every year.

A spare ECU....tiny matchbox sized thing, almost impossible to find now, totally impossible in France. (Vauxhall 1.6 carb engine 1985)

Fuses and a relay. Spare rotor arm. Spare coil already mounted in place. Assortment of spare bulbs (legal requirement in France)

Plus breakdown cover of course.

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