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  1. I love the colour scheme. Is that hydro dipped
  2. Can't have passed IVA with that padlock sticking out like that
  3. There are very low traffic volumes at the moment but even so I think there have been 3 road fatalities within the last week locally, ie within 10 or 12 miles. Surprisingly there have been several arrests for drink driving, I suppose they must stand out like a sore thumb. Accidental fires are up, mainly due to people having bonfires and it spreading to their fence/shed/house.
  4. Might be basic to you. Still every day is a school day, home school at that. Never too old to learn.
  5. You are right to stick to 15 inch for tyre choice. I had 14 inch and the choice was terrible. In 15 inch the world is your oyster.
  6. Contemplating my jobs list. One bonus about the lock down is that I have done things I would never have got around to normally. Might even get to work on my car if it carries on much longer. Garden is looking tidy, extension repainted and sheds repaired waiting for painting. New fence panels waiting to go in. Need to get back to work for a rest. Happy easter to all.
  7. These will all be great improvements to the car. The softer springs are the way to go. I don't consider myself to be a great authority on chassis set up but as soon as I first drove my car I realised that the front springs were too hard. The softer springs will make a great deal of difference, mine seems to turn in much better with less effort at the wheel and the anti roll bar conversion improves things even more. I used poly bushes when I had mine apart and yes I let Dave at dampertech select the right bits for me. Dampertech 01709 703992
  8. Red red wine . UB40. Also a lockdown antidote
  9. Probably from the fuel sender/ pick up at the top of the tank. Mine still had the sierra unit so yours may have too. Have to pull the boot out or drop the tank. My builder had thoughtfully left a little inspection cover so it was easy. If it happens after the car has been moved it could be the seal at the top when the fuel sloshes about.
  10. My first thought was coil. Had it on a tractor once, an old ferguson. It took me a while to realise that the miss fire was less noticeable when the tractor was turned so that the wind was blowing on it! It would be worth trying a different one to rule it out.
  11. Most of the parks around here that have gates are locked. You still see people popping in to the shop for a can of energy drink though, hardly essential in my eyes. We have managed to secure home delivery slots for the next few weeks and anything that they don't have I will try to get on Sunday morning when our local aldi is opening early for emergency service workers. Good on them, that shop was the best thing that ever happened to this town.
  12. Might need a couple more 9s on the end! Police have been stopping cars in this area to check if people are really going to work. Been two arrests locally for drink driving too. Must have stood out like a sore thumb
  13. Change disposable fuel filters, general check of nuts and bolts. Funny propshaft was the first thing that came in to my head. Hose clamps,fuel lines, brake lines visual inspection. It's frustrating, I was going to tax my car at the beginning of April. I suppose I could still use it to go to work but I don't know how busy I am going to be. I have a feeling that I may be in the calm before the storm at the moment.
  14. Federal 595 rsr. Good in the dry and not lethal in the wet.
  15. Christmas!!! If you get a present that should remind you its nearly time. If you get an easter egg then it's time to think have I forgotten? I like the auto renew thingy, it's the sort of thing I think I'll do later then forget. Welcome back
  16. I'm in too, always a good show this one
  17. I was the same as you, the originals were far too hard. As the tie bar conversion was done at the same time the difference was massive.
  18. Fit the best belt that is affordable/practical but believe me they won't save you in the wrong circumstances, in a kit or normal road car. All you can do is give yourself the best chance. In a road car it is important to get your driving position correct so that belts and airbags work in harmony with each other to hold you in place away from any hard surfaces or areas which might intrude into your space. Not much you can do about the footwell but a new car is massively stronger than one made 20 or even 10 years ago.
  19. When my glass got broken I found it had been bodged with tiny ground off self tappers which were loose. I redid did the holes and fitted small stainless bolts with ground down heads and fitted nuts on the outside. I felt I would rather have a visible strong fitting than a hidden dodgy one as previously. I put plastic nut covers on anyway so although you can see the fixings it looks neat.
  20. Pony express is what it has been called in the past
  21. I can't say I've ever really thought about it but I would imagine somewhere in the mid twenties if I'm careful. I'll try to work it out when I put the car back on the road. I certainly won't be changing to fuel injection to get better economy, if I need economy there is a Ford ka outside
  22. You were probably deaf after reversing for three miles
  23. They are probably growing on an old tree stump, shouldn't spread far from their source of nutrients. As long as you haven't got any children or pets that would eat them I'd leave them.
  24. I needed the space in my engine bay to reroute some hose and fit a header tank so I moved mine in to the passenger compartment and fixed it up almost out of sight. It's a bit more awkward to fill but I hardly ever need to anyway and it's not in the passengers way. More space in the engine bay is never a bad thing.
  25. Buy the following book. How to build and power tune weber and dellortos dcoe,dco/sp and dvla carburrettors. Covers strip and rebuild, jetting choke sizes by des hammiill All you need to know is in there. My copy cost me 20 quid about 5 years ago. For any bits you need i use Fastroadcars, I have always had good quick service from them so never use anybody else. I think they based in Wales, they have lots of items listed on ebay
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