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  1. Hello bob. Yes I have the sbd sump. I have checked the length of the screws today to make sure none of them are too long. My new tube of wynns black gasket maker came today so I will have another go tomorrow with the cork gasket. I can always try a different gasket as kerry suggested if it becomes a nuisance but I wasn't far away from oiltight last time so hopefully I can improve on it this time. Have you a suggested torque figure?
  2. I am about to put the sump back on my redtop engine after removing it to have the drain plug thread recut after it stripped at service time. I noticed that the cork gasket I had in store for such occasions has a set of washers supplied with that fit inside the cut holes, presumably to prevent the gasket from being crushed by over tightening. I have not used them before, are they are good idea or should I leave them out? I would like to get this on so that there are no drips on the garage floor, it did weep a little last time but I didn't have any torque setting to follow so just guessed!
  3. Ian hits the nail on the head. The tonneau does offer a bit of protection when parked but will leak after a while. Never tried using it when driving. I intend to fabricate a surrey top when I get chance. At the moment I just use a good waterproof outfit, you don't get as wet as you would expect as long as you are moving, it's when you stop that it gets unpleasant.
  4. If you do decide to fit a pressure regulator fit it as near to the carb as possible. Just because a pump is rated to give 6psi at the tank doesn't mean it will give that at the carb. Frictional loss. Surprising what difference that can make. I guess it's up to you what which path you take, as said before its pointless having a high pressure pump and then putting a regulator on it but a regulator will control what you are getting at the carb regardless. I plumbed in a temporary pressure gauge at the carbs to get my pressure right and have never had any more problems with leaks or flooding since. Looks like there isn't much difference between the price of the regulator and a pump either!
  5. The pump will run all of the time. It may be that it is over fuelling the carb or carb's. Fit a fuel pressure regulator, one with a filter element is not a bad idea. My twin 45s are set to receive only about 3psi if my memory serves me correctly. Get the right pressure at the carb then start fiddling with mixtures or better still get it on the rolling road.
  6. Same, the old one opened with a screwdriver. Any good locksmith will be able to copy a key of most types. Mine can do caravan locks, padlocks, 50 year old trucks etc. When the local ford dealer couldn't supply me a key for a Ford escort without a number he whipped the lock out in about 30 seconds and cut one just by looking at it. Granted it didn't work the first time but the whole procedure only took 10 minutes and I was away with some spare keys. I got rid of my locking petrol cap reasoning that I would rather lose 25 quids worth of petrol than have 100 quids of damage and still lose the petrol.
  7. A trick that works with old tractors sometimes is to put the spark plugs under the grill on the cooker to get them up to optimum operating temperature. Not with the wife's toast obviously. Has it got the mechanical fuel pump or is it an electric one? If dry plugs check for fuel to carb. Can't be much if it was running and you haven't tinkered with it since.
  8. What's involved dave? You might get some takers if you post that.
  9. Absolute bargain. I am surprised it's still on here. I would be thinking about it myself if I hadn't handed my notice in yesterday. Body looks OK just needs a rover v8 dropping in!
  10. I run twin 45s on my redtop. The pump is noisy although mounted on rubber bobbins but you can't hear it once the engine fires up. I also have a fuel pressure regulator set to about 3.5 psi mounted near the carbs. A fuel cut off switch from a Ford mondeo completes the set up, mounted under the dash where it is easily accessible as a savage pothole can trigger it.
  11. Stunning. When I saw the post title i did think I was going to see a mounted snow plough though. At this time of year it's as much as I can do to service mine. Well done
  12. I'd follow the advice of the canny Yorkshire man. The newer go pro camera's do loads of things you will never need, fine if you are making the next star wars epic but not needed on a road car. I think mine is a hero 3 black edition, there should be loads of those available cheaply now as people update and then you can afford some extra batteries and mounts. My children and wife did make a film with mine where the main actors were sticklebacks, following their story from stream to net to bucket and then back again so you can do other things with them if you want. I may put the directors cut on YouTube if I can think of a good title!
  13. As far as I am concerned Christmas ends at midnight. I'm in the garage tomorrow without fail, with approval from the other members of the family so that they can watch what television they want.
  14. Gbs still sell them or at least they did a year or so ago. I broke one and bought a pair to replace mine but have never got around to it, I prefer driving to fixing. Mine are just bodged together to allow me to use the car. The old ones have been welded on so that was going to make it a bit of a mission to remove and refit. If these ones are more rigid then I may try them instead especially if there's no welding involved. Simple to fit bob?
  15. I bought my wife a pfaff industrial machine last year. The clutch control takes a little getting used to with the motor running all the time but it is very quiet. At full speed it is unbelievably fast. I am hoping to get a surrey top made this year so it will come in handy
  16. Works well on my tablet, already forgotten what the old site was like. Still struggling on my phone due to lack of time and opportunity to try but good work, looks good and works OK. Not really seen a negative comment so well done
  17. A section 106 agreement is made between a developer and local authorities for a proposed development to help it get through planning applications where it would not normally do so. Such as building on a flood plain, developer says we will give every household a canoe and life jacket. Authority says give me a massive back hander and we have an agreement. Job done
  18. The ice warning light came on in the fire engine on the way back from Cambridge in the rain this afternoon. I lit the rayburn yesterday afternoon so at least the house is warm. I want to get out in the garage tomorrow, have to wrap up.
  19. I suppose you end up churning the engine over and over until the fuel gets there every time. I have had similar problems on a totally different vehicle and tried new fuel pump seals and non return valves neither of which worked. The conclusion that I came to was that the only sure way to cure the problem was to fit an electric fuel pump either alongside the mechanical ones just to prime the system or to replace the mechanical ones altogether. Just reread your post, do you mean after it has stopped for a while the fuel drains down? I don't know why those non return valves don't seem to work, are you sure there isn't a leak at the carb. Should be enough in the float chamber to fire it up. I run webber 45s and it will run for a minute or so with the fuel pump switched of before it starts to cough.
  20. Look at all the hoses, they perish and crack sometimes not enough to drip but enough for a smell to develop. I had this happen to me and replaced them all as they were all the same age
  21. I've always from the first moment I drove my car felt that the rear end was OK on the sierra setup. It was the front that was too hard and that has been rectified with softer springs, new dampers and a tie bar conversion.
  22. It's not nerdy at all to be interested in a vehicle history. I have a tractor that has had 3 previous owners and still resides within a mile of where it was sold 62 years later, one that worked for rolls royce aero engines in Derby, one that worked for a company that developed in flight refuelling and probably towed the battle of Britain flights Lancaster and so on. Keep a written record of what you find out with your documents.
  23. I am about to take ownership of a three and a half year old truck and as we plan on keeping it for a few years want to apply some underbody protection. My plan was to clean and paint the outside of the chassis with a chassis paint and to treat the inaccessible places such as the inside of the box section with waxoyl. Just thought I would post on here to see if anybody has any better ideas or wants to recommend any products.
  24. They usually come with a sachet of lubricant and fitting instructions.
  25. Haven't heard anything about it but it is the same weekend as Duxford last big display of the year so that may deplete some of the entries. Shame or I might have tried it but I have managed to blag free tickets for the Sunday at Duxford for the whole family
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